Duplicat's Diary

Slipper Island
by Rick at 19:30:30, 2024-01-02 (day 3530)

We moved on down to Slipper Island - which given the holidays and the weather was incredibly popular. This panorama was taken before it got truly manic.

We anchored a way out, but as it got busier and busier, it got more and more crowded around us. We were enjoying the people and boat watching. I must say, I’ve not seen such bad anchoring and jet ski behaviour since Columbia on New Year’s day! High speeds around anchored boats when people are swimming is just asking for trouble! Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, a large Azimut motorboat tried to shoe-horn himself into a gap which wasn’t big enough. He ended up about 7m off our bow, clearly over our anchor and chain. We hoped he’d move, but they settled in for the afternoon and evening. So once the bay had emptied, we attempted to pick up our anchor and put some room between us. The Azimut needed to motor a long way forward to allow us to retrieve our 15m of chain. We re-anchored a bit further away and could now sleep much easier. But of course, a fishing boat came in late and anchored pretty close alongside! At least he put down a decent amount of chain and tested the holding well - so we knew we’d swing in sync. A good nights sleep was had onboard Duplicat