Duplicat's Diary

Great Mercury Island
by Rick at 23:51:38, 2023-12-29 (day 3526)

We had a wonderful day ashore at Great Barrier - visiting Aotea Brewing again along with a number of great hikes. In fact, Aotea Brewing had just got their licence to sell, and we were officially their first customers! It was nice to have a pint after the hike to the hot pools and a walk along the beach. We also filled our growler again :)

The weather the next day was a bit average, and so we ticked off a few boat jobs (mainly trying to work out why the water flow through the starboard engine was a bit lower than the port - no conclusions yet). This morning we headed south towards our new cruising ground - Great Mercury island. A bit of sailing but mostly motoring as the wind died away. We’re anchored in a nice spot - will move a bit further south tomorrow.