Duplicat's Diary

Back in the Cavelli Islands
by Rick at 22:53:59, 2023-12-20 (day 3517)

Its been a while since Duplicat has ventured beyond Whangarei Heads and out into the ocean. So after (quite a bit of) fettling, we splashed, recommissioned things and left.

It was a long day of motoring, sailing and motoring again, but we dropped the hook in Papatara Bay off Motukawanui Island in the Cavelli group.

It was pleasantly suprising how things came back to us, and how much wasn’t broken - but there were a few issues. The solar string which had stopped working came back after the MPPT box was reset, so thats a bonus. The new foredeck shade/rain cover is working well too.

Today is relaxing, catching up on a few jobs and some cooking, but mostly R&R. The last time Duplicat was here was back in April 2018, and before that I spent Christmas 2017 here with my father when we caught snapper for Christmas Lunch in Whangaroa…