Duplicat's Diary

Rangiahua Island
by Rick at 02:06:38, 2023-02-17 (day 3211)

We anchored off Rangiahua Island in the group known as the Broken Islands this morning. We’ll stay here overnight and head south tomorrow. It’s a lovely spot, especially since the sun came out this afternoon. We’re making lots of water, batteries and full and thinking about a bit of Paddleboarding. Its a bit tough to know if we can go ashore here - but its quite rocky, so not ideal for the dinghy.

We opted to stay on the boat. I had some work to do, and we have a few boat jobs to do as well. Tomorrow we’ll sail (more likely motor) to Waiheke. We’ll have a couple of nights there, then we’ll move to Auckland for a couple of nights for a few things. Then back to Waiheke to enjoy some walking and vineyards…