Duplicat's Diary

Arrived in NZ
by unknown at 04:30:00, 2022-11-13 (day 3115)

The wonderful sailing conditions lasted far longer than we had hoped or believed from the forecast, but we finally had to turn an engine on at 4:30am. We motorsailed a bit longer, and by 7am we were heading into Whangarei Harbour.

Now we had notified officialdom we were coming. In fact, when I emailed our advance notice of arrival documents, I had no reply - so I followed up, only to receive a terse reply. Underway, I emailed again and got an acknowledgement albeit after a few days. So when I did not receive a reply confirming our arrival, I was not suprised (as it was taking more than 48hrs to garner such a response.

I think you can see where this is going... Indeed, we arrived on the Quarantine dock at 8:15am and we've been there ever since. We can't get off until biosecurity have been, and that will now be 9am tomorrow. The phone call was appreciated and apologetic - and truth be told, we're just happy to be tied to a dock, not moving and no watches!

So all safe here, but entry into New Zealand is delayed 24hrs...